Advantage Lithium Panel User Guide

LED Indications

Quick detailed overview of the Advantage Panel’s Flash Codes.

Product Specifications

Browse the Advantage Panel’s product specifications.

Product Documentation

Browse the Advantage Panel’s product documentation.

Field Wiring Diagram

Access images and downloads of the Advantage Panel’s Field Wiring Diagram.

Advantage Lithium Product Specifications

Mechanical Specifications
Enclosure Dimensions
6.3” W x 8.6” L x 3.9” D (152mm x 221mm x 107 mm)


1.90 lbs. / (0.89 kg)

Primary & Secondary Battery Circuits
Qty (2)
Local Audible Annunciation
Quantity (1)
Environmental Specifications

Module Electronics                          

-40F to 150F & -40C to +85C

Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries


-40oF to 185oF

-40oC to +85oC*

* Battery and capacitor life is negatively affected when exposed to temperatures above +120oF (49oC) for extended time periods

Service System Flash Codes

LED Guide

Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes, these files are fully layered.

Click on the mask and click “B” for brush tool.

You will need Photoshop preferably version CS6 and newer.

Advantage Lithium Field Wiring Diagram

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Product Documentation

  • FireAway AdvantageLi Configuration Utility
  • AdvantageLi Dual Zone Fire Control Panel Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions Lithium Operation

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Configuration Download

Access the Advantage Lithium Panel PDF by simply clicking the link below:


650.000050 AdvantageLi Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual