Auxiliary Electronics

Optical Tester

SafeIR Optical Field Test Module

To be used in conjunction with our SafeIR Optical Flame Detectors, our Optical Field Test Module provides a controlled method for field testing our product.   The field test module includes the SafeIR Optical test adapter, internal rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery and a wall mount power supply.

Communication Module

With an immediate need for an interface between vehicle fire suppression system electronics and OEM’s CAN/J1939 communications, Total Fire Systems has taken the initiative to develop a product to do just that.  Our communication  module allows for forward and backward compatability between our Network systems and the OEM CAN/J1939.

Interface Module

Interface Modules

Our Computer Interface Module allows the user to connect a PC to our Configurable Detection and Release System (CDRS) via a USB to circular connnector directly to the system operator display.  Use of the Computer Interface Module provides access to CDRS programming options, event downloading and data logging. The CDRS interface allows for real time sensor monitoring and facilitates CDRS system inspection.

Auxiliary Power Supplies

Our Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) provides a continuous source of power to fire suppression and gas detection system in the event of main power failure or main power disconnect.  Our APU provides up to 72 hours of uninterrupted 24 vdc depending upon system design and power requirements.

APU White
Single Mil

Military Switches

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