Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently questions and answers about the Advantage Lithium Normal Operation.

How often should the batteries be replaced inside the Advantage Lithium Panel?

Expected operating life of each battery pack operating under normal conditions is one year assuming no Fire or Trouble conditions have occurred.  Battery packs must be replaced if either a Fire or Trouble condition occur.  After a one-year time period, the primary pack must be replaced.  The secondary battery may then be transferred to the primary position and a replacement pack added to the secondary position.  

What are the default detection settings?

Default detection settings are programmed such that any detection input will actuate all actuation outputs. .  Additional detection/actuation mapping options are available via PC based configuration menu

How often are the detection circuits being monitored?

To conserve battery life, detection circuits are periodically monitored approximately every three seconds.  The manual release switch input is monitored more frequently than the automatic detection circuits and will respond more rapidly.

How do the auxiliary supervised circuits operate?

An auxiliary normally open pair of contacts are available for use.  This input is normally closed and opens in alarm.

.  If an open condition occurs, a Trouble condition is annunciated via the yellow Service System LED.  The auxiliary function is programmed to be OFF by default.  Offline PC programming may be used to change the auxiliary contact setting to ON. 

How do the actuation circuits operate?

Two actuation circuits are each capable of actuating up to six Stat-X© aerosol generators or similar devices on two separate zones.  Power to fire the actuators is delivered from a bank of super capacitors. 

Which relays are normally closed & which are normally open?

  • Relays 1 & 2 – Normally Closed/Common & Normally Open/Common
  • Relay 3 – Normally Closed/Common
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) Trouble – Fire Relay Contacts

What to do after initially powering on the Advantage Lithium Panel?

The panel will enter a startup mode which may consist of several minutes depending on the state of internal capacitor charge and battery age and condition.

What do the various LEDs mean during the startup sequence?

  • Green LED ON for approximately 5 seconds – Begin boot loader mode
  • All LEDs flash 2x – End of boot loader mode
  • All LEDs flash simultaneously – Battery conditioning mode
    • Note – the battery conditioning mode may extend for several minutes as the batteries are prepared for operation
  • Green LED flashes quickly – Actuation capacitor bank is precharging
  • All LEDs flash 3x – End of capacitor charge mode
  • Slow green LED flashes 1x every 5 seconds – Normal operation