Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about the the Lithium Panel and its features.

Where can I place an Advantage Lithium Panel?

The AdvantageLi control panel may be directly mounted, recessed, or assembled to a DIN rail installation. Separate mounting bracket hardware is available.

How long do the batteries last inside the Advantage Lithium Panel?

Expected operating life of each battery pack operating under normal conditions is one year assuming no Fire or Trouble conditions have occurred.  Battery packs must be replaced if either a Fire or Trouble condition occur.  After a one-year time period, the primary pack must be replaced.  The secondary battery may then be transferred to the primary position and a replacement pack added to the secondary position.  Expected shelf life for the battery pack is 10 years. 

How is the Advantage Lithium Panel Powered?

The AdvantageLi control panel uses lithium thionyl chloride batteries that operate
for up to one year on the primary battery and includes an identical secondary backup battery as a UL required backup power source. All this can be done using a PC interface and cable.

Am I able to customize the Advantage Lithium Panels' operation?

Yes. The panel is extremely versatile and allows users to customize detection and releasing zone mapping including cross zoning and auxiliary relay timing and operation

How does the Advantage Lithium Panel protect my assets?

The AdvantageLi control panel can operate to protect a single fire detection and suppression hazard or can provide up to two separate zones of fire detection and suppression. Two wire Class B supervision is provided for detection, manual release, and auxiliary zones. The AdvantageLi control panel supports spot thermal, linear thermal and relay base smoke detectors on each of two detection input zones

How durable is the Advantage Lithium Panel?

The AdvantageLi enclosure material is fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate and is listed as UL508/NEMA Type 4X with an IP-67 Rating and a UL-94V0 flammability rating.