Linear Thermal Wire, Variable Length & Temp Rating, Type XLT

Linear Thermal Wire allows for continuous thermal monitoring of wide coverage areas.  Field wiring connecting the SDRP to linear thermal wire allows an electrical current to flow through the detection circuit, through an End of Line device completing a loop back to the SDRP. If a Fire occurs, the outer and inner insulating jackets of the linear thermal wire melt allowing the individual conductors of the linear thermal wire to electrically “short” together.  This change in electrical resistance is interpreted by the SDRP as a Fire condition.  The SDRP sends an electrical signal to the Stat-X generator(s) automatically discharging the system.

135 Deg F Type XLT Part Numbers

Linear Thermal Wire, 05 length, 356 Deg F Type XLT

FireAway Price: $15.00

Linear Thermal Wire, 10 length, 356 Deg F Type XLT

FireAway Price: $15.00

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