TFS Product Capabilities

Gas Detection

At Total Fire Systems we create our designs with accuracy, reliability, and precision at the forefront.  Our sensors are built and tested to endure the various environments in which they are used.  We specialize in methane and optical detection for both commercial and military uses.

Panel Design

Being able to create compact and efficient designs is something we take pride in.  Our panels are known for their low energy use and overall efficiency.   In combination with their efficiency, the design behind our panels allow for close to instantaneous response times.  We also ensure the highest level of quality in our physical and electrical design to ensure that our products suit the various needs of OEMs.

Supporting Devices

We believe in allowing technicians to be able to service our products with minimal effort.  For this reason, we offer a wide range of auxiliary devices that serve and compliment the needs of our designs.  Our wide range of these devices allows safety to become a priority when troubleshooting and allows service to be done with simplicity.

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