Intelligent Sensors


SafeIR Infra-Red Optical Flame Detector

Specifically designed for vehicle use, our software and discriminatory circuitry are engineered to distinguish between an actual fire and other hot bodies common in vehicle operation.  The SafeIR Sensor is designed with a wide field of view and when combined with its rotational capability allows for a near hemispherical viewing angle. Combining the SafeIR’s rapid response time, wide coverage, and low power consumption allows operators to rest assured that they are safe in case of a fire.

Military Grade Heat Detectors

Our military grade heat detector provides automatic fire detection and overheat sensing capability and can interface to a variety of of control panels.  Specifically made for the Heavy Duty Vehicle market, our sensor allows for easy installation and is a fail safe choice.

Military PHD
Gas Sensor

Gas Detection Sensors

The AMGaDS gas sensor is designed to provide detection of Methane gas in concentrations below Methane’s Lower Flammability Limit (LFL).  If combustible gas is present, gas will diffuse through a permeable membrane in the tip of the gas sensor. The combustible gas reacts with the sensor element. This reaction is detected by our AMGaDS Control Panel which provides an immediate pre-alarm indication at 20% of the Methane LFL and a delayed indication at 50% of the Methane LFL.