Fire Suppression Panels

Driver Panel

The Driver Panel includes the most common features required for vehicle fire protection and gas detection system.  The Driver  Panel provides a connecting point for fire suppression & gas detection field wiring. Connections are provided for System Power, Fire Suppression actuation, Spot Heat Detection, Manual actuation, Agent Cylinder pressure supervision, Relay Contacts (fire, gas, trouble), four zones of detection and Panel connectivity.  While the Driver Panel includes the most common system features, the  system can be expanded to add additional system features. This module may be combined with others to provide an extensive networked system. The Driver panel includes battery backup for up to 24 hours of fire suppression capability

Mining Panel

The Mining Control Panel is designed to meet the demanding requirements for use in mining applications where an intrinsically safe approval is not required or in vehicles needing a self powered system.  The panel is powered by a single long life Lithium battery pack.  Two detection zones are available and support either normally open spot sensors or  Linear Detection Wire.  During normal operation, a green LED at the front panel will flash every 3 seconds, letting the operator know that the panel is operating properly.  If the panel detects a trouble condition, a yellow LED will flash every 3 seconds alerting the operator that there is an issue.  In the event of an alarm condition, the user is notified by a flashing LED and an audible alarm.

Multizone Gas Detection Panel

Our Gas Detection System is calibrated to detect Methane and other common Alternative Vehicle Fuels (CNG-LNG-Propane-Hydrogen) at levels lower than the known Lower Explosive Limit in atmosphere (LEL).  The  panel can monitor from one to four discrete sensors. Each solid state combustible gas sensor may be located in separate areas of the vehicle to provide complete gas detection.  Sensors may be positioned in locations where combustible gases may accumulate.

Modular Control Panel

The Modular Control Panel is designed specifically for rugged Vehicle System use.   The Control Panel provides electrical supervision of the Power, Detection, Pressure Switch and Releasing circuits.  The Control Panel features visual LED system status indicators, a silenceable audible alarm, an adjustable time delayed releasing circuit and an adjustable time delayed relay circuit.   The relay circuit includes both closed and open contacts which transfer at the end of the time delay period.  This contact transfer delay is programmable via the front panel and is adjustable from 0-15 seconds.  The relay may be used for vehicle shutdown, auxiliary alarm, or fuel pump shutoff.  .

Operator Display

Our  Operator Interface Panel provides a simple means of indicating system status to the vehicle operator or maintenance personnel.  The display provides simplified system messages & event data which allows for simple programming and troubleshooting.