Manual Release Switch

The Fireaway p/n 830003 Manual Release Switch provides a manual means of actuating the Fireaway SDRP Control Panel.  Both Automatic Fire Detection and an NFPA recommended manual means of system actuation are provided by the SDRP panel. The Manual Release Switch uses a rugged, proven MIL-26482 metal shell connector to link the manual switch to the SDRP panel manual release input circuit.  The normally open toggle switch used with the Manual Release Switch is protected by a labeled and latching toggle guard and stainless steel protective bracket.  The powder coated aluminum enclosure is fully potted and environmentally sealed against water intrusion to IP67 standards.  The Manual Release Switch is electrically supervised by the SDRP panel for Normal, Trouble and Fire conditions.

  • Red Enclosure – Part No. 830003
  • White Enclosure – Part No. 830003-01
  • Desert Sand Enclosure – Part No. 830003-02
  • Olive Drab Enclosure – Part No. 830003-03
FireAway Price: $96.00
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