Thermotech Sensor, Outdoor Use

– Field wiring to be UL listed Plenum cable, 18 awg,
solid annealed bare copper per ASTM B3 with PVC jacket or equal
– Maximum number of Detectors per SDRP Detection Zone = 100
– Maximum Total Detection Zone Wiring Length = 500 feet (152 meters)
– Terminate thermal detectors to field wiring via terminal strips or soldering
– Ensure connection is clean, mechanically secure and free
free from moisture and corrosion
– End of Line device connector is DTM04-2P which mates to DTM06-2S

Sensor, Spot Thermal, Thermotech, Vertical All Weather (Normal Conduit) Part Numbers:

Sensor, Spot Thermal, Thermotech 135 deg F Vertical All Weather

Price: $15.00

Sensor, Spot Thermal, Thermotech 194 deg F Vertical All Weatherl

Price: $15.00

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