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Total Fire Systems

State of the Art Equipment Fire Suppression Systems

Our products are manufactured in house in our world class production facility.  We use the latest automated electronic production equipment for accurate, consistent, high quality products.

Distinguished Quality Standards

We meet and exceed industry standards for product design and production.

World Recognized Products

Our products may be found in commercial and military vehicles worldwide. Our sensors and controls can also be found in a variety of industrial systems worldwide.

Made in the
United States

At TFS, manufacturing products in the USA is not just a slogan, it’s been our philosophy since day one to support local businesses and domestic suppliers.
  • Local Suppliers

    We work with local businesses to support our local economy.

  • Based in the Heart of North Carolina

    Total Fire Systems is located adjacent to the renowned Research Triangle Park.

  • Partnerships with American businesses

    Total Fire Systems electronic technology is paired with fire suppression systems from some of the worlds premier fire protection companies.

Why choose Total Fire Systems?

We understand that quality and customer satisfaction are extremely important when fulfilling customer needs. With a total of almost 400 years of experience in our manufacturing team, our production team is IPC trained and certified to help produce any board we manufacture. 

High Production Standards

Nothing leaves our building without going through a thorough quality control process.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Simple. We work within your time schedule.


Scaled Manufacturing Capabilites

Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection equipment, our 25,000 sq ft facility is ready to meet your needs within your timeframe.


Industry Experience

Total Fire Systems employees have a total of almost 400 years of manufacturing electronic design and fire suppression industry experience.  We are also participating members of a variety of industry trade organizations.

About Total Fire Systems

TFS was founded in 1990 by industry experienced individuals frustrated with big company priorities and lack of customer attention. It was our opinion in 1990 and reinforced over the years, that our business requires a collaborative effort between our customers and our company to create opportunities for new product development and innovation. We work to stay ahead of the technological curve in every area.

Our designs are integral to thousands of fire suppression system installations.  Our electronics are included in commercial transit, mining, forestry, and military vehicles. Our controls have been installed in NASA and Defense Department ground vehicle programs.

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Total Fire Systems Solutions


Fire Suppression Systems

Total Fire Systems is a leader in fire suppression electronics and sensors.

Internationally Recognized

Around the globe, TFS products are working 24/7 to save lives and protect property.  Our systems have saved hundreds of lives and saved millions of dollars in property damage.  Customers can rest assured we are committed to continuous improvement. Good is never good enough.

Risk Mitigation

Operating an organization, whether a private business or government entity, will entail risk. The risk of fire can be unpredictable but catastrophic if it occurs. Our electronic controls and sensors can help take unpredictability out of the equation and replace it with simple, automated, and predictable system operation.


Sensors & Auxiliary Devices

At TFS,  we continuously develop new products and implement exciting technologies. With our unwavering dedication to innovation, our systems continuously improve with state of the art technologies.

Gas & Optical Detection

Vehicle fire are uncommon but disastrous when they occur.  Expensive vehicles operating in metropolitan areas present a greater hazard whether due to fire or potential explosion. The combination of state of the art electronics along with ready to act sensors ensures an onboard, pre-engineered automatic response to both fire and combustible gas leaks. 


SMT Manufacturing

At TFS, we use the latest, integrated SMT pick and place machines in line with our automated assembly process. Components loaded on our SMT equipment are inventoried in moisture and climate-controlled storage locations. 


As boards and components become smaller, smarter, and more complex with power and fine pitch components nearby, jet printing stands out as the optimal solution to provide quality repeatable solder joints. Solder paste inspection as well as pc board inspection is integral with our Mycronic Jet Print equipment. Solder pads and solder deposition is adjustable and controlled with the jet printer software. This gives us the ability to optimize solder paste deposits and ensure perfect quality solder joints


Customer inventory is both computer and climate-controlled in our Mycronic SMD Tower storage systems. From receiving to job kitting, each SMD reel is barcoded and automatically tracked. The high density, climate, and software-controlled storage environment provided by our tower storage integrates with our ERP system and MYCenter software. The TFS SMD Tower Storage systems deliver the right component to the right job every time.


AOI Equipment

Our investment in technology is key to our constant pursuit of quality. We make every effort to ensure quality during every step of the surface mount assembly process. PCB assemblies are first inspected for quality solder paste, followed by proper component placement , automated optical inspection, visual inspection and electronic functional inspection.   


While visual inspection of  solder joints, PCB components, etc. will always have a place in manufacturing, automated inspection when applied correctly provides an extremely reliable indicator of process problems and component defects. Assembly and inspection are areas of constant improvement at TFS. Global competition and high-quality standards demand reliable and fast inspection methods.


Automated inspection equipment is a tireless and reliable worker. Even the best most experienced employees cannot be as consistent, hour to hour, and day to day as properly operated automated inspection equipment. When combined with board-level identification, AOI is a time saver as well. With decreased component size, the positional accuracy of the SMT process is increasingly important.

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