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LED Indications

Quick detailed overview of the Advantage Panel’s Flash Codes.

Product Specifications

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Product Documentation

Browse the Advantage Panel’s product documentation.

Field Wiring Diagram

Access images and downloads of the Advantage Panel’s Field Wiring Diagram.

Advantage 24 Product Specifications

Mechanical Specifications
Enclosure Dimensions
4.1” W x 7.2” H 6.9” D (104mm W x 183mm H x 173 mm D)


9.6 lbs. / (4.4 kg)

Secondary Battery Circuits
Qty (1)
Local Audible Annunciation
Quantity (1)
Environmental Specifications

Electronics including Lithium-Iron Phosphate Backup Battery                      

-4 oF to +140oF -20 oC to +60 oC

Enclosure Listed Ratings


IP 50

Service System Flash Codes

Flash Code Guide

System Normal

Green LED (steady on)

Zone 1 - Zone 4


Red LED – Alarm (steady on) Yellow LED – Trouble (steady on)

Service System
Yellow LED (flashing)
Battery Fault
Yellow LED (steady on)
Alarm Silence
Yellow LED (steady on)

Advantage 24 Field Wiring Diagram

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Product Documentation

  • Field Wiring Documents
  • Product Specification Documents
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◊ Representative Field Wiring Diagram

◊ Field Wiring Diagram

Access the Advantage 24's Product Specification Documents by pressing the links below


◊ Product Specification PDF