Dual Zone
Fire Control Panel

The AdvantageLi control panel provides two separate detection and releasing zones. Two wire Class B  supervision is provided for Detection, Manual Release and Agent Cylinder Pressure Switch zones. The AdvantageLi control panel supports spot thermal, linear thermal on each of two detection input zones.  The AdvantageLi control panel may be remotely programmed for Detection and Releasing Zone  mapping including cross zoning and auxiliary relay timing and operation.


Power to the AdvantageLi control panel is provided by two Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries. The  Li-SOCL2 batteries can operate for up to one year on the primary battery and includes an identical  secondary backup battery as a UL required backup power source.


Multiple optically isolated relays provide up to 1/2 Amp switching capability and interface to auxiliary  relay modules for additional switching and logic functions. Auxiliary relay modules may provide high  current switching capability for solenoid operated gas valves, remote fans, etc. A dedicated set of  FACP contacts allow for supervision of the AdvantageLi control panel via remote FACPs or other  control devices. The AdvantageLi panel is constructed using RoHS compliant materials throughout.

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